• Artist - Kelly Sauer
  • Named a Best Book of 2011
  • Photography Credits

    Claire Burge... "I have been described as part chaos, part rocket fuel. I delight in the unknown and treat life like a playground. I'm fascinated by sensuality, science and strangers. Good writing and heart photography are my soul passions. As for you... let's get to know each other shall we?"

    Sarah Elwell... "I am a writer, and part of that for me is finding stories in imagery. I like to have my little camera with me for when the world tells me a tale in clouds or water or light."

    Tina Howard... "I love capturing people and moments as they truly are. Whether it's the emotions of a couple's first day married, the newness of life in a newborn session, the crazy, unpredictable antics of a toddler, or a stolen moment between a mom and dad - I love the authenticity of it all."

    Gail Nadeau... is best known for her photography and mixed media work. She was chosen as one of "Tomorrow's Masters Today" by the Albany Institute of History and Art and she is a Center for Photography at Woodstock Fellowship Fund recipient for her series "Dollhouse".

    Kelly Sauer... "I'm a FINE ART LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER who dabbles in photojournalism under natural light. I use fresh, personal imagery to retell the essence of the real life I witness, savoring the emotion that invites us to relive moments again and again."

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